Club News

8 December 2012
The post game pizza was another hugely successful event with 31 club members, parents & students enjoying the now customary social where brave parents willingly allow their offspring to order directly from the menu!

Nautilus 2012 Logo

31 August 2012
Entry to the British Octopush Association Nautilus 2012 Competition confirmed. York Octopush and the University will be fielding a joint team on 11th November at the Ponds Forge Pool in Sheffield. Confirmed Fixture List.

13 June 2012
York Gold 2012York Gold 2012 Eng-AGE 50+ Games Free Octopush Taster session at Yearsley Pool on 6th October 2012 starting at 4:00pm and finishing at 4:45pm.

9 June 2012
York Gold 2012 Free Octopush Taster sessions at Yearsley Pool announced. Dates confirmed as 23rd June, 30th June, 7th July & 14th July with each session starting at 4:00pm and finishing at 4:45pm

28 July 2009
Active York Sport UnlimitedDue to the success of Mars Refuel funding, and a reasonable turnout of adults, the sessions are continuing over summer. We have recently received notification of Active York Sport Unlimited funding for October - December this year. The majority of our club members are 7-12yrs or 16+yrs. The new funding is aimed at bridging this gap to encourage more 13-16yr olds to take part. This would allow a clear progression for the younger juniors, and sessions pitched at more relevant levels for the existing members. So now we need more adults, and more teenagers!

15 February 2009
York Junior Octopush are the proud receivers of funding from Mars Refuel! This is fantastic news as it will allow the sessions to continue over the summer (without pool costs being split with the University Club). Now all we need are more adult members!

13 December 2008
We've just had our last session of the term, and we are very happy with how this term has gone. We have 15 juniors on our books, with 10-12 regular junior attendees. Progress reports are now in place so we can monitor how each junior is doing and tailor training sessions more effectively. We are looking forward to 2009 when we'll have more juniors joining us.

4 November 2008
After a few false starts over the summer, we've got quite a few juniors coming along to the Saturday training sessions, and what's more, we've got our first fully paid up BOA members!

29 September 2008
With the university club about to start up again after their summer break, we're planning on re-starting the junior sessions so that the two sessions can run alongside each other in the 50 yard Yearsley pool. Therefore, junior sessions are starting on Saturday 4 October, from 16:00 to 16:45, at Yearsley pool. Bring your swimming kit and a towel - all other equipment and training will be provided.

8 August 2008
Following the success of the last two sessions, we plan to continue the junior sessions for the next few weeks. Therefore, there will be a session this Saturday, 9 August, from 16:30 to 17:30 at Yearsley Swimming Pool. The session will cost £3.00 per person. Bring your own swimming kit and towel - all octopush equipment is provided.

9 June 2008
The first juniors session starts this Saturday, 14 June 2008, from 16:30 to 17:30 at Yearsley Swimming Pool.