Membership & Taster Sessions

Octopush Players battle for the PuckIf you are aged over 8 but less than 70 and you're a competent swimmer why not come to Yearsley Swimming Baths this Saturday for an Octopush Taster Session starting at 4:00pm. Sessions run throughout the year with the exception of the Summer holidays & Christmas. Check out the session dates & times here. All the kit you'll need is provided and perhaps best of all, the Taster Session is totally free. Don't forget to bring your swimming things.

Once you've had your Taster we hope you'll want to come back and play Octopush again. Subsequent sessions cost £5 and we can offer you three more consecutive weeks of Octopush before you'll need to become a member of the British Octopush Association (BOA), which is the sport's UK governing body.

How much does it cost?

Each Octopush Session costs £5 but the Taster Session is of course, free of charge. Joining York Octopush Club is also free but you must become a member of the BOA which provides you with personal accident and third party insurance cover.

Current BOA fees (1st October 2016):

  • Junior Membership (Under 16 Years) - £15
  • Student Membership (In Full-Time Education) - £20
  • Standard Membership (Over 16 Years) - £30
  • Family Membership - £75
  • How do I join York Octopush Club & the BOA?

    Octopush PlayerYour membership of York Octopush Club commences following receipt by the BOA of your membership application and the appropriate membership fee. A confirmation is sent by the BOA to the Club once your payment has been received.

    To join York Octopush Club visit the BOA website at

  • Click on the "Membership" link and then "Application for Membership".
  • Complete the form selecting "York Octopush" as "Your club name".
  • Submit the form with the "Go" button.
  • Make the appropriate payment to the BOA, either by cheque or bank transfer. Please note that your insurance is not effective until the payment has been received.
  • Junior & Student Memberships are renewed automatically each year and paid directly by the club for all regular players. Adult Members will need to pay the appropriate renewal fee by 30th September each year to ensure that their membership is also automatically renewed. York Octopush Club is a not for profit organisation and should you wish to make a donation equal to part or all of your BOA membership fees, please let us know. Your support would be very much appreciated.

    Know The Rules...

    Rule 11.3.1
    Each player shall be equipped with a mask, which must have safety glass or other safety material fitted; a non-metal, pliable snorkel; a pair of conventional underwater hockey fins (made of non-dangerous, pliable, synthetic material OR must be covered by an intact protective film which will prevent any injuries if they are damaged); players will wear a device/guard that adequately protects them against injuries to their teeth and gums; hand protection for the playing hand(s), and an underwater hockey stick.

    CMAS Underwater Hockey Rules Volume 02 - Rules of play (version 10.0)