About the club

Octopush Player The York Octopush Club was set up with the support of the University of York Octopush Club and Active York. It's primary aim is to offer coaching and competitive underwater hockey opportunities and to promote the club both at a local level and within the underwater hockey community. The Club is a not for profit organisation supported and run entirely by volunteers. There are no paid staff.

Our weekly sessions are fun & easy; we operate on a Pay As You Go basis with no long term commitment so players can dip in and out as they choose. The club provides all the equipment needed and is able to offer snorkel and Octopush training by friendly, experienced and committed coaches.

The club relies on the goodwill of our volunteers and limited income from session fees to allow Octopush to continue in York. We would welcome any donations that you feel you are able to make using the Paypal Donate button on this page however small the amount. This would really make a big difference to our club. Thank-you.

Get involved at York Octopush Club

Please let us know if you could help with any of the following roles - updated 12/10/2013:

  • Training Officer - We are looking for a hands-on trainer to join us in the pool and develop a training programme. No Octopush playing experience necessary.
  • Equipment Officer - We need to keep track of our kit and to make sure things are kept clean and replaced as necessary.
  • Publicity Officer - Could you increase awareness of York Octopush Club by perhaps improving the written content of our website or distributing leaflets and posters?

    Welfare of the Vulnerable

    We are aware of, and sympathetic to, the concerns that parents and guardians have for the welfare of their children, and the club works to ensure that appropriate measures, policies and training are in place. CRB checks for volunteers at the club are undertaken by the City of York Council. Information on child protection in Octopush can be found on the BOA website under Welfare of the Vulnerable. Any parents or guardians who have further concerns should feel free to talk to the Child Protection Officer at the end of a session.

    Who started the club?

    Jodie Davies

    Jodie Davies

    Jodie first started playing octopush at the University of Wales, Bangor in 2003. After graduating, she moved to York to continue studying, but couldn't cope with the lack of octopush, so started an octopush club at the University of York. Jodie is no longer involved in the running of the University club, but continues to play for them. Jodie is currently studying for a PhD.

    Ben Thompson

    Ben Thompson

    Ben was also introduced to octopush at Bangor in 2003. After graduating, he moved back home to York and was heavily involved in the beginning of the University of York club. Ben is no longer involved in the running of the University club, but has been involved in promoting octopush elsewhere in York. Ben is currently working for Gainsborough Council (YaSiG) and Askham Bryan College.

    Kevin Whitworth

    Kevin Whitworth

    Kevin was first introduced to Octopush way back in the early 1980s through the snorkel club he went to at Batley. He played for Batley Juniors, up until he was about 11, and then played for and captained the original University of York club (which was disbanded in 1997), Batley once again, and then back to playing with the new university team. Kevin has recently moved to Stornaway, and is now getting involved in the local octopush clubs in the (far) north.

  • The Best things about Octopush...

  • "Underwater Hockey also provides an instant conversation starter at dull parties!" - RAF Active
  • If you want to improve your Puck Skills try this advice from Oxford University Octopush Club "...it is possible to practice with puck-like objects, e.g. tuna cans."
  • Aberdeen University provided this useful insight: "...you need to be underwater to reach the puck on the pool bottom (unless you have exceptionally long arms!)"