Octopush is Underwater Hockey

For anyone who isn't familiar with Octopush, or Underwater Hockey as it's known outside the UK, it is a non-contact underwater sport, played by two teams of 6 players who use mask, fins, snorkel and a short stick or pusher to move a puck along the bottom of the swimming pool into the opposing teams goal. Think ice hockey, but whilst holding your breath (and with much less violence)! There's much more information on Octopushing at our About Octopush page.

Octopush Players

In York, Octopush has been played on and off since the early 1990s through the University but due to increasing local demand York Octopush Club was established independently in 2008. The Club has an enthusiastic Junior Section which has attended UK national competitions and a formidable group of teenage players. Parents help to run the sessions and can also pitch their "skills" against York University players who share the Pool with us on Saturday afternoons. Follow this link for more About The Club.

Underwater Hockey PlayersIf you're looking for an addictive game that doesn't need batteries, now is the time for the whole family to come down to Yearsley Pool for an Octopush Taster Session. Give it a go. You'll need to be capable swimmers but it's free and all the equipment is provided. Don't forget your swimming things and a towel. We hope you'll want to carry on playing Octopush and join York Octopush Club. Joining is easy via the British Octopush Association, which is the British sport's UK governing body, and membership provides insurance cover for each player. Each session attended costs £5. Click here for more about Taster Sessions and Membership.

See the latest information on Session Times here.

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  • Videos  The "Snorkel Set" shot in 1967 at Aldershot Lido, GB. Is this the earliest film of Octopush being played?
  • Know The Rules With the 47 page CMAS rule book for GB Underwater Hockey now being adopted, are you up-to-date?